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Miley Cyrus Halloween Costume Expected to be Most Popular



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[caption id="attachment_69325" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Miley Cyrus Halloween Costume Expected to be Most Popular Miley Cyrus Halloween Costume Expected to be Most Popular[/caption]Miley Cyrus Halloween Costume Expected to be Most Popular

The squat rack at gyms nationwide have never seen so much traffic as Miley Cyrus's outfit worn at the MTV Video Music Awards is now doubling as a hot Halloween get up. After trending worldwide, Miley's performance was sure to become part of pop culture iconography and instantly 'Instagrammable' come October 31st as people dared to dream as Miley dreamed: that they too can look good in a leotard.

Those Hannah Montana costumes are officially yesterday (until some hipster tries to be ironic), now taken over by booty shorts, foam fingers, and "Twerk Bear." Indeed, the official Miley Cyrus Foam Twerk Finger - with accurate nail design, to boot - is nearly sold out on Amazon as people rush in excitement to be the 132,472nd person to think of an idea. Not everyone is on board this hype train, however.

A man by the name of Steve Chmelar invented the foam finger (the non-twerk version) back when he was 16 years old. Now 59 and probably not dressing up for Halloween, Chmelar feels Miley Cyrus degraded the foam finger and "misrepresented its intent to encourage team support." Only the Twerk Team, Mr. Chmelar.

Both foam fingers are available for less than $15, while the tees retail for under $23.
"Drop some jaws and raise more than just eyebrows with this outrageous foam finger," reads the item description. "A replica of a certain former teeny-bopper's from a certain scandalous award show performance. We know you want it."

With Halloween fast approaching, it might be smart to find a mate to invest in a Beetlejuice costume and be Robin Thicke.

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