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Bon Jovi Gets First Banner at Air Canada Centre But Did They Fudge The Numbers?



[caption id="attachment_72512" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Bon Jovi Gets First Banner at Air Canada Centre But Did They Fudge The Numbers? Bon Jovi Gets First Banner at Air Canada Centre But Did They Fudge The Numbers?[/caption]

American Rock Band Bon Jovi Gets First Banner at Air Canada Centre

On November 2, American rock band Bon Jovi will receive the first permanent banner at Air Canada Centre.

Fans of the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs and the NBA’s Toronto Raptors, will soon pass a star-studded wall of fame as they enter through Gate 1 at the ACC. Bon Jovi will be the first band honored with a plaque on the new wall.

The ACC is the first in the arena to celebrate a musical legened rather than a sports legend.

"The wall is showing a piece of the ACC’s history," said Vice-president of live entertainment for the ACC, Wayne Zronik. "Fans can see some of the significant achievements in the building," he said.

Bon Jovi has played 17 shows at the venue and sold over 600,000 tickets, according various media reports.

"Adding a banner of the bestselling musical act makes sense, said Tim Leiweke, president and CEO of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

Paul Korzilius, the band's manager, pointed out that Toronto has had a long-standing love affair with Bon Jovi dating back to 1984. "There’s just that something," he said. "Canadian fans are very loyal."

How Did They Sell 600,000 tickets?

If the legendary rock band sold "more than" 600,000 tickets in just 17 shows, that would mean they were putting at least 35,000 bums in seats for each show.

However, according to the official ACC website, the venue only holds a maximum 19,800 seats. That's a huge discrepancy

Seating Capacity:
Basketball 19,800 seats
Hockey 18,800 seats
Full house concerts 19,800 seats
Theatre 5,200 seats

Where were the other 16,000 people sitting?

The band will be back at the ACC for a two night show on Nov. 1 and 2, as part of their "Because We Can" tour. Maybe they're counting those concerts too.

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