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Alec Baldwin Twitter Feud With Anderson Cooper Gets All Kinds Of Serious



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[caption id="attachment_74082" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Alec Baldwin Twitter Feud With Anderson Cooper Gets All Kinds Of Serious Alec Baldwin Twitter Feud With Anderson Cooper Gets All Kinds Of Serious (photo courtesy Tom Dog)[/caption]Alec Baldwin Twitter Feud

Alec Baldwin is very well known on Twitter for loosing his temper. Many have said time and time again that he should just delete his twitter account. He keeps getting press for his outbursts on twitter, but maybe he actually likes this attention.

Alec Baldwin is upset about something Anderson Cooper said about him on air. It was some sort of homosexual slur that was used by Alec Baldwin. Now this has caused an online feud, where it looks like Anderson Cooper is just trying to stay out of it. Alec Baldwin on the other hand is looking for a response.

Anderson Cooper is just trying to get Alec Baldwin to admit that he actually used a derogatory slur against homosexuals. He says on twitter "don't say something, then lie about it later." This has caused Alec Baldwin to start criticizing Anderson Cooper for just about any reason that he can find possible.

He is going after his ratings, and even going as far to say that Anderson Cooper is an incompetent journalist. It is strange to see two individuals who are so successful really going at it. It goes to show that everyone really still has feelings.

Although many have come forward to speak out against the actor, his daughter Ireland isn’t among them.

Ireland tweeted that her father has “battled with anger management issues” and she believes he has “grown tremendously” and is “far from a homophobe…”

Here's the whole feud:


alec baldwin twitter feud

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