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Family Feud Zombie Answer Blasted as Racist (VIDEO)



'Family Feud' Zombie Question Prompts Uncomfortable Response

[caption id="attachment_74165" align="aligncenter" width="616"]Family Feud Zombie Answer Blasted as Racist Family Feud Zombie Answer Blasted as Racist[/caption]Family Feud Zombie Blasted as Racist

Throughout the many years Family Feud has aired in the US, many strange and often baffling answers have been given. But, none has proved as controversial and discussed as a recent answer about zombies. When asked to name something you know about zombies, contestant Christie answered "Black".

African American host Steve Harvey initially looked shocked at the answer, but remained professional and turned to the large board used in the game to check if the bizarre answer would appear. Almost immediately, the contestant realized she had come up with a bizarre answer and began urging the word to appear, to which Harvey replied "Shut up woman!" With the shocked audience and other contestants laughing at the answer, the game board revealed zero answers matched "Black" to large cheers from the audience. Host Harvey quickly moved the game on to the next contestant for their answer.

[caption id="attachment_74166" align="aligncenter" width="628"]'Family Feud' Zombie Question Prompts  Uncomfortable Response 'Family Feud' Zombie Question Prompts Uncomfortable Response[/caption]

Social media has been abuzz with the family feud zombie answer, with opinion split amongst the public about whether the contestant had revealed racist tendencies with the answer. With many claiming the answer was racist, others on Facebook and Twitter took the view the contestant simply blurted out the word when under pressure to provide an answer.

Check out a video of the strange "Family Feud Zombie" answer below. Do you think she misspoke or was her answer a reflection of her values?

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