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Game Of Thrones Season 4: GOT Director Offers Clues



ggame of thrones compendium: What You Need To Knowame of thrones season 4

[caption id="attachment_74979" align="aligncenter" width="315"]game of thrones season 4 game of thrones season 4 [/caption]game of thrones season 4: GoT Director Teases Upcoming Episode

Director Neil Marshall revealed a lot of details to the Irish Film & Television Network about Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 9, which he just finished directing.

Marshall stated that it is a “huge episode.” He compared it to Season 2, Episode 9, “Blackwater,” which he also directed. He then praised both episodes as bigger than many of his films, but with “Blackwater” sets less complex than the upcoming episode, which has more visual effects. In fact, one set for Season 4, Episode 9 has the biggest backdrop in Europe.

He teased that there are a few beheadings, high falls, physical fights and sword fights; as well as people blowing up and getting set on fire. He also boasted that the episode, tentatively suggested to be named “Castle Black,” has three separate battles taking place at different locations at the same time with 200 extras and a large team of stuntman.

Marshall also explained to IFTN that although his input in regards to physical action and scene elements is welcomed by the writers of the show to enhance an episode, and his suggestions sometimes added in, he never tampers with the writing when directing.

Game of Thrones Season 4 will premiere in Spring 2014.

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