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Justin Bieber gets new tattoo: What Did Beebs Get For His 20th Tat?



[caption id="attachment_75072" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Justin Bieber new tattoo Justin Bieber new tattoo[/caption]Biber Unveils his 20th Tattoo

Ever since bursting onto the music scene just over six years ago, Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber has inspired dedicated fans and infuriating others with his attitude and flashiness. One outlet of Bieber’s look and persona has been his collections of tattoo art adorning his very well known sleek physique.

Nearly each stage of his life and career are documented by another piece of ink artwork on his skin. He’s been very vocal about the meanings of his tattoo adornments. The most recent example was displayed last week with an Instagram photo that the singer sent out to his followers. Just shy of the scheduled release date of his next single “Change Me” Bieber got new ink on his left arm. The addition to his current sleeve style tattoo was an eagle.

“Biebs” as he is known to fans has been hailed as a teen heartthrob and has kept that status despite several changes in his music and fashion style. Nothing reflects the changes of his career more than his tattoo collection. Rather than let the paparazzi unveil his new ink work, Bieber has used social media to share his artwork with his rabid fan base. The new eagle tattoo represents his 20th tattoo. Bibermania lives on.

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