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Tragic life of Nigella Lawson: Celeb Chef Ashamed Of Drug Past



Tragic life of Nigella Lawson Brian Minkoff- London Pixels

[caption id="attachment_75299" align="aligncenter" width="505"]Tragic life of Nigella Lawson Brian Minkoff- London Pixels Tragic life of Nigella Lawson (Photo courtesy Brian Minkoff- London Pixels)[/caption]Nigella Lawson: Successful Life Plagued by Tragedies

It is a belief in Buddhism that in life, good and evil, happiness and sorrow exist in a person's life concurrently. That wise saying is ever so true in the life of 53-year-old Englishwoman Nigella Lawson.

Lawson is the famous daughter of Nigel Lawson, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer, has been a successful television chef with programs on the BBC. She even has her own product line of cookware called Living Kitchen which is valued at £7 million. In addition, she is a best-selling author.

However, her personal life has been plagued with tragedies. Over a period of several years, she lost her mother to liver cancer. This was followed by her husband being diagnosed with throat cancer which ultimately took his life after a long four year battle. During that time, her sister also passed away from breast cancer.

She seemed to find love again, but in the arms of a married man who divorced his wife so that he could marry her. The man was none other than Charles Saatchi, the prominent art collector. However, the relationship has ended in divorce following accusations he assaulted her in a restaurant. Saatchi announced the divorce to the media before his wife was notified. He was displeased over her lack of support for him during the infamous "neck choking" incident where he was photographed with his hand on her neck.

Lawson told a court on Thursday she was "honest and ashamed" about her past drug use after admitting she had taken cocaine and cannabis.

Lawson, whose private life has been splashed across the front pages of newspapers this week during the fraud trial of her two former assistants, said she had been "bullied with lies" by her ex-husband Charles Saatchi, the multi-millionaire art collector, over the extent of her drug use.

"I'm not proud of the fact I have taken drugs but that does not make me a drug addict or a habitual drug user," the self-styled 'Domestic Goddess', 53, told Isleworth Crown Court in London.

Lawson said on Thursday that the idea that she is a "drug addict or habitual user of cocaine is absolutely ridiculous".

"The fact is, I would rather be honest and ashamed," she said. "I wasn't going to be bullied with lies."

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Tragic life of Nigella Lawson

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