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kate Middleton Dress Repeat Has Royal Watchers Talking



[caption id="attachment_75504" align="aligncenter" width="225"]kate Middleton Dress Repeat Has Royal Watchers Talking kate Middleton Dress Repeat Has Royal Watchers Talking[/caption]Kate Middleton recycles Temperley black lace dress

Kate Middleton wore a Temperley black lace dress to the screening of David Attenborough's newest film, Natural History Museum Alive 3D, which is soon to be released. She was escorted by her husband, Price William. This is the third time that she has publicly worn the black lace Temperley dress. She had previously worn it on two other separate occasions back in 2012. It could be that the Duchess Kate Middleton is quite smitten with the high fashion garment.

A fan of the Duchess and also designer of the black lace dress, Alice Temperley, stated earlier this week that "The duchess is an inspiration. She's very graceful, gracious and she's a brilliant ambassador for British fashion. She mixes up designer and high street; the perfect modern-day woman."

This isn't the only time that the Duchess ahs been seen donning the same dress publicly, and some people have taken notice. Some may think of the Duchess wearing the same dress more than once out in public as a fashion faux pas, but a rising number of people are recycling outfits, and this way of outfit recycling is quickly becoming a growing trend worldwide that she seems to be taking a part in.

What did you think of Kate Middleton's dress repeat?

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