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David Beckham …Not To Knight



david beckham hints at new tattoo during recent match

[caption id="attachment_63298" align="aligncenter" width="533"]david beckham hints at new tattoo during recent match David Beckham …Not To Knight[/caption]David Beckham knighthood Denied

Not so fast, sir. According to The Mail, David Beckham has been rejected for knighthood by some officials in charge of the New Year’s Honours. A source reveals that some officials thought that it was too soon for Beckham to reach such a pedestal. ‘There was a view it wouldn’t do him any harm to wait a bit longer,’ said one source.

The Mirror News reports the claims coming as somewhat of a surprise. With Beckham, nicknamed Goldenballs, seemingly symbolizing success in all things, he was believed to be a shoe-in for knighthood according to rumours. His wife, Victoria, is earlier quoted as saying she thought it would be “fabulous” if her husband became a knight.

Some may view any rejection as a bit embarrassing or discouraging, but this hiccup probably won’t slow Beckham’s success. Beckham didn’t appear to seem too preoccupied with his possible latest distinction. Before the decision, he said in The Mail: “I’ve heard a few of these rumours as well but I’m not paying them too much attention. We’ll see what happens with the knighthood but I’m proud of what I’ve already achieved.”

He does laud a long list of achievements. He’s still a soccer legend. He’s still a world renowned A-List celebrity. And he’s still married to Posh Spice. Seems Victoria has to wait a bit longer before becoming Lady Victoria. Goldenballs can afford to wait a year to add another notch to his finely studded belt.

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