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miley cyrus beyonce feud heats up



miley cyrus beyonce

[caption id="attachment_70034" align="aligncenter" width="594"]miley cyrus beyonce miley cyrus beyonce[/caption]Miley Cyrus Disavows Statements About Beyonce

Miley Cyrus certainly thinks she's all that and more, but the quote from an interview set to be published in Love Magazine in March is not true. In the interview, Cyrus supposedly criticized Beyoncé saying the singer’s body has been adversely impacted by child birth. Her words also imply that Beyoncé will not be able to return to her prior form which will create a vacuum or void for a sexy entertainer who can both sing and dance. She concludes her remarks by saying that despite being a white girl, she is the one to fill the void left open by Beyoncé’s declining career.

In all honesty, that does sound like something she would say. However, Cyrus is disavowing any such statement. In her classic prose, she used expletives in her denial of the Beyoncé slam. She denied the statement in no less than three Tweets. Cyrus even said she's trying to make the actual liar retract the statement.

More reputable sites such as got punked by the rumors and initially ran stories about it. Those articles have since been removed. The rumors first made it on the web in October, but were attributed to a different magazine.


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