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new ‘My 600 Pound Life’ To Air Jan 14th On TLC



My 600 Pound Life

My 600 Pound LifeTLC Story of 600-lb Woman to Air on January 14

A 46-year-old native of Cicero by the name of Olivia will chronicle her near lifelong battle with weight from her ultimate rock bottom to her efforts to get her life in order. For Olivia, she's been obese for most of her life. She was the object of ridicule in high school and eventually ended her education because of it.

However, as anyone with an addiction knows all too well, the self-loathing from within is far more damaging than the external scorn heaped at oneself. Her weight problems ruined her knees, her marriage, and her health. Olivia hit rock bottom shortly after moving in with her parents in the summer of 2012. Her room was in the basement and a flood destroyed her personal belongings. Due to her 600 pounds of body weight, she was unable to climb the stairs to safety and had to wallow in the sewage until she was rescued. She recalls that she broke down into that deep sorrow that moves a person past their destructive behavior and towards a healthy life.

The petite 5'4" woman was able to lose 90 pounds on sheer will power and has now undergone gastric bypass surgery. Her ongoing struggle to reach a healthy weight is chronicled in the TLC reality TV show "My 600-lb Life" which airs this Tuesday, January 14.

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