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Gosselin Twins Regain Composure On “The View”



[caption id="attachment_78179" align="aligncenter" width="635"]Gosselin Twins Regain Composure On "The View" Gosselin Twins Regain Composure On "The View"[/caption]

Gosselin Twins Regain Composure On "The View"


The official New York Daily News website is reporting that the twin daughters of famous reality TV star Kate Gosselin have managed to recover from their infamous "freeze up" on the "Today Show" by making a "damage control" appearance on "The View".

Both twin sisters, Cara and Mady, appeared on "The View" on Monday. They proceeded to field questions from the show's hosts concerning all sorts of topics, including household chores, boyfriends, music, and many others. Even their parent's painful divorce, which played out live in front of millions of Americans in the full glare of modern media, was not off limits for discussion.

The sisters appeared fully relaxed, composed, and talkative. This came in marked contrast to their uncomfortable, tongue tied appearance on the "Today Show". It seems that they had a special point to make by wearing the exact same outfits for both appearances, although the significance of this gesture was not elaborated upon.

Mother Kate Gosselin was not present during the interview segment on "The View". Media pundits have speculated that this was the determining factor in the girls' chatty, loquacious appearance. No word has reached the press concerning Kate's subsequent reaction to this latest "View" appearance.

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