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cory monteith name misspelling at Grammys



cory monteith name misspelling

[caption id="attachment_78517" align="aligncenter" width="620"]cory monteith name misspelling cory monteith name misspelling
[/caption]Grammy In Memoriam Mispells Monteith's Name

Fans of the late "Glee" star, actor Cory Monteith", are expressing outrage that his name was misspelled during the In Memoriam tribute that ran during the annual Grammy Awards show on Sunday. Social media sites were ablaze with criticism after viewers noticed that a photo of the actor, who died unexpectedly last year of a drug overdose in a Canadian hotel room, was accompanied by the phrase, "Cory Montieth, Glee actor, singer", clearly transposing the position of the letters "i" and "e" in his last name.

Angry fans questioned why the Recording Academy didn't bother checking the spelling of the singer's last name and suggested that they send their fact checker, if they had one, to the head of the unemployment line. Other fans said that the art of proofreading was no longer being practiced by the media and indicated that misspelling Monteith's name during such a critical segment of the show as "In Memoriam" displayed a major disrespect for the actor and his memory. Yet another blogger called the mistake "like a stab in the heart." Monteith, who played the role of Finn Hudson on the popular weekly musical comedy/drama series, was found dead last summer at 31.

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cory monteith name misspelling in Grammys tribute

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