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Sandra Bullock Receives Cool $70M Payout for Role in “Gravity”



Sandra Bullock Receives Cool $70M Payout for Role in "Gravity"

[caption id="attachment_69880" align="alignright" width="640"]Sandra Bullock Receives Cool $70M Payout for Role in "Gravity" Sandra Bullock Receives Cool $70M Payout for Role in "Gravity"
[/caption]Actress Sandra Bullock, now nominated for her second Academy Award, is clearly at the top of her game artistically and financially. She was the headline actress for the film Gravity which grossed over $700 million at the box office on a budget of $100 million.

For her involvement on the film, she can expect to receive a total payout of $70 million.

Her contract with Warner Brothers granted her $20 million up front plus a 15% share in the film's profits once the profits from what is termed "film rentals" are collected. Film rentals are the portion of the box office receipts paid back to the film studio.

Warner Brothers keeps 45% of the film rentals. The film is still making money and is expected to cross the $750 million mark. Bullock's 15% share is expected to reach $30 million, but she'll continue to earn revenue from DVD sales, rentals, TV broadcasts and other ancillary revenue sources. All of those combined make her total collection estimated at $70 million.

It isn't clear if co-star George Clooney cut a similar deal to receive a portion of the film rentals. In addition to the financial success of the film, it has been deemed a critical success receiving numerous awards thus far.


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