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Celeb Odd phobias: David Beckham Ataxophobia Fear of disorder



david beckham hints at new tattoo during recent match

[caption id="attachment_63298" align="alignright" width="533"]david beckham hints at new tattoo during recent match Celeb Odd phobias: David Beckham Ataxophobia Fear of disorder[/caption]David Beckhams Phobia May Be Key To His Success

David Beckham is a world renowned soccer player known as one of the best of all time in his sport. Mr Beckham also has a successful life outside of the soccer with various endorsements and personal enterprises. If you did not know him you may never guess that he suffers from a somewhat common phobia of super successful people called ataxophobia.

Ataxophobia, also known as the fear of disorder is one of many phobias known to the medical world. It is characterized by the need for order in everything in their life. Chaos and disorderly situations can lead to anxiety attacks, feelings of terror, trembling, rapid heartbeat, feelings of dread, or shortness of breath.

In his home there must be order or he will be affected. If there are three cans of a soft drink on the counter he will remove one because it is uneven. At the hotel he will put away all the leaflets and pamphlets to make everything perfect. You may have also noticed his hair is always perfectly managed even during a game.

Mr Beckham is aware of his disorder but that does not seem to hinder his personal or business affairs. It may actually be helpful.

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David Beckham ataxophobia fear of disorder

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