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celebrity couple breakups and makeups: Will Paula Patton in Robin Thicke Reunite?



[caption id="attachment_70214" align="alignright" width="612"]Report:Paula Irate Over VMA's Report:Paula Irate Over VMA's[/caption]Report:Paula Irate Over VMA's

Robin Thicke and his high school sweetheart and wife of eight years, Paula Patton have decided to call it quits. Although the couple made a joint statement that the decide to split was mutual, reports say otherwise. A source has told US Weekly that Robin wanted to save the marriage, however, Paula is adamant on ending their union.

The trouble began during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards when Robin did his highly publicized performance with Miley Cyrus.

During their act, Miley began “twerking” on Robin and grinding her behind into his front.

This performance was not only highly publicized, it was also highly criticized, especially by Paula Patton.

Immediately after the awards, Paula stated that she was fine with the act. She stated that they had rehearsed it several times and that she knew exactly what was going to happen in the show. According to reports, Paula is now changing her story. Paula was furious after the show.

According to TMZ, Paula was particularly outraged because Miley improvised the entire act. The couple has reportedly been arguing constantly since the awards show in August. Paula is even more angry about Robin continuously partying at clubs until all hours of the night and being pictured with various different women. Robin may want to save the marriage, however, Paula has made it clear that it is over.

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