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Celine Dion husband Battles Throat Cancer For Second Time



Celine Dion cancels shows due to husbands failing health

[caption id="attachment_69234" align="aligncenter" width="423"]Celine Dion husband throat cancer Celine Dion husband throat cancer[/caption]Rene Angelil Faces Second Battle with Throat Cancer

Celine Dion recently announced that her hushand is in the process of recovering from his latest battle with throat cancer.

Rene Angelil, the 72-year old former singer and professional poker player and the current manager of Dion's career, had a procedure performed this past December to remove a tumor from his throat.

"I don't want René to stress out with work-related issues," Dion said in a statement. "I want him to focus on getting back to 100%. I've been doing my shows at the Colosseum and everything's under control."

This is Angelil's second go round with the disease. He also was treated in 1999 for the same type of cancer. At that time in her career Dion had actually temporarily retired to provide her husband care during his treatment and recovery.

Angeli and Celine Dion have been married for 20 years.

The couple are parents to three sons; thirteen-year-old Rene Charles and a pair of 4-year-old twins Nelson and Eddy. Their marriage has lasted through cancer scares, health issues, personal attacks and law suits as well as constant questions surrounding their 26 year age difference.

Celine Dion now has a regular job in Las Vegas and sings to sold out audiences and she has once again said that her husband's recovery and her family will be top of mind over any career choices or ambitions. Dion has continued regular performances when not caring for her husband and sons.


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