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Liam Neeson Has A Message For Putin During SNL



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Liam Neeson Sends Vladmir Putin Humorous Message

Actor Liam Neeson has carved out genre all by himself with admirable integrity, the finesse of a mafioso, and the raw skill of the best action heroes. In a special skit for Saturday Night Live (SNL), he appeared alongside actor Jay Pharaoh who was portraying President Barrack Obama.

Neeson, who was in his tough guy genre, spoke with his North Ireland accent and succinct verbiage when he stared into the camera and addressed Russian strongman Vladimir Putin mimicking words he uttered to Albanian human traffickers in the 2008 blockbuster "Taken", by stating that Putin had taken Crimea. Neeson added the he personally doesn't like it when people take things that aren't theirs.

Neeson went on to explain that despite not having international diplomatic experience, he has a "particular set of skills" which would make him quite the ordeal to deal with personally. The wording was near identical from those he uttered as the ex-CIA operative Bryan Mills in “Taken” when addressing the anonymous abductors who were in the process of kidnapping his daughter played by actress Maggie Grace.

Prior to his humorous threats, he alluded to the fact that the United States and European Union have been more than accommodating with Russia. Despite that, Vladimir Putin has been more interested in his public appearance than in diplomacy.

All humor aside, the crisis in Crimea continues with Russia instigating the province to make moves to secede from the Ukraine and set the stage for Russian annexation. It has turned out to be a foreign policy disaster for President Obama who made great fanfare over resetting Russia-USA relations following the Bush administration.


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