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Beckingham Palace’ Sold For $19M



[caption id="attachment_81567" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Beckingham Palace' sells for $19M Beckingham Palace' sells for $19M[/caption]

Beckingham Palace Sold To Real Estate Tycoon


Beckingham Palace, the massive, swanky Hertfordshire complex owned by David and Victoria Beckham, has been sold to a real estate tycoon for the price of 11.5 million British pounds. According to an article published by the Daily Mail, the mansion and its surroundings were purchased by Neil Utley, who also received an Aston Martin and two Jaguars to seal the deal.

The Beckingham complex is loaded with extras, such as a guest house which has been dubbed "mini-Beckingham palace". The estate has a recording studio, a huge outdoor maze, several swimming pools, a tennis court, and more.

Of course, the Beckhams are far from homeless as a result of the sale. It has reported to the international media that the posh couple pooled the resources gathered from the sale of the Beckingham complex, as well as a number of luxury automobiles, to purchase an even larger and more luxurious mansion in the center of London. The value of this new Beckham property has been listed as totaling an astonishing 45 million British pounds.

Meanwhile, the new owner of the Beckingham complex has seen his share of recent legal troubles, and is perhaps using his new estate to hunker down, well away from the prying eyes of international media. Mr. Utley was recently forced to shell out 130,000 pounds in punitive damages stemming from his admission of misconduct during his time in the insurance business. He was also banned from working for Lloyds of London for a period of two years.

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