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people dared tattoos: teen gets tattoo parlor to ink receipt



[caption id="attachment_82161" align="aligncenter" width="420"]Stian Ytterdahl. (Image courtesy Stian Ytterdahl. (Image courtesy[/caption]

Norwegian Teen Gets McDonald's Receipt Tattooed on Arm

Lørenskog (Loren Forest), Norway - Stian Ytterdahl is an 18-year-old man who has an interesting choice of "kompisar" (friends). His buddies felt that he was scoring too much attention from the ladies in this city of 33,000 people. He was told for his offense he would have to choose either a ridiculous tattoo on his arm or a Barbie doll tat on his fourth point of contact. Rather than dumping his "friends", he opted for a tattoo of a McDonald's receipt on his right forearm.

Apparently, Ytterdahl didn't stop to think what his friends might say should he ask them to get a ridiculous tattoo on their bodies. If he had, he would likely have simply refused such a tattoo.

[caption id="attachment_82168" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Teen tattoos McDonald’s receiptTeen tattoos McDonald’s receipt Teen tattoos McDonald’s receipt[/caption]

According to the newspaper Expressen (The Express), his parents have had adverse reactions. His mother is said to be deeply distraught and might have suffered a nervous breakdown. His father views the tattoo as a rubbish and does not want his son bringing it into the house. However, there's no way he can avoid that short of moving out.

Ytterdahl's tattoo artists was skeptical about the request, but ultimately carried out his wishes. The tattoo artist has now claimed it is the most peculiar tattoo he's had to do in his career and posted of picture of it on is Facebook wall. What Ytterdahl got on his arm was the food order receipt. The tattoo artist offered to tattoo the receipt for his artwork on Ytterdahl's other arm and he accepted the offer. He is on the calendar to get the tattoo on his other arm next week. Ytterdahl admits that he may not see the allure in the tattoo later in life. He thinks he may be able to land a job a McDonald's given his devotion to the company.

[caption id="attachment_82162" align="aligncenter" width="504"]Teen tattoos McDonald’s receipt Teen tattoos McDonald’s receipt[/caption]


McStupid? Norwegian teen has his McDonald's dinner receipt tattooed on his ARM for a dare... and his dad's locked him out as a result

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