Aaron Carter reveals drug addiction bankruptcy troubles

Aaron Carter Speaks on His Drug Addiction and Bankruptcy Problems

Anyone who grew up in the 1990s is probably familiar with Aaron Carter. While he may have first ridden on the back of his brother Nick to fame, he eventually became a hugely popular singer and pop star in his own right, the Justin Bieber of his day. Of course, like any child star we expect him to have some serious problems later in life, and as it turns out, Aaron is no exception.

Of course, his drug addiction actually did not start when he was still on top of the world as a pop star – they instead manifested while he was on the reality show “Dancing with the Stars”. Carter revealed in a recent interview that he had quite a bit of stage fright that led to an addiction to Xanax, an infamously addictive anti-anxiety drug.

The pop star finished in fifth place at the end of Dancing with the Stars in 2009, but was left with his Xanax addiction intact. It was not until 2011 that he was confronted by both his brother and his mother who convinced him to find treatment for his addiction, which he was able to manage to get done.

Another huge problem occurred around the time of Dancing with the Stars though – Carter discovered that he owed massive debts in unpaid taxes and other fees. These debts totaled in the millions of dollars when all was said and done and came from when he was a child star. Last Year, Carter filed for bankruptcy and has now gone through a number of debt classes which will hopefully help him stay debt free for the rest of his life. We wish him luck on his recovery in both realms, and hope to see him putting out some awesome new music soon.


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