Demi Lovato security guard bitten on stage

Security Guard for Demi Lovato Bitten on Stage
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Singer Demi Lovato got more than she bargained for during her recent concert in South America’s most populous nation Sunday night. Apparently, a female fan jumped on stage to bum rush the popular singer and bit the member of Lovato’s security detail who took the zealous fan off stage. However, owing to the esprit de corps of her security team, Lovato had no idea the incident had even occurred. It wasn’t until afterwards that she learned about it and the subsequently tweeted her fans. There is no doubt that the security team had Ms. Lovato’s best interest at heart. One can only image that a fan willing to take a bit out of guard would not also want a piece of Ms. Lovato or a lock of her hair as a souvenir.

The incident took place at the Citibank Hall. The venue itself can seat up to 8,450 people and while that size of a crowd isn’t going to set any records for ticket sales or gross revenue, the site is considered one of the major show houses in the Southern Hemisphere. So performing at the concert is as much an honor for the entertainer as it is for the fans to witness. In her post-concert tweet, Lovato showed that she had not let one person spoil her impression of her Brazilian fans. She let them know they brought a good spirit of enthusiasm to her concert and she views them as the best.

Lovato recently turned down a chance to return to the “X Factor” preferring to put her energies towards creating her fifth studio album and going on tour. It turned out to be the best decision as the Fox Network later canned the show due to poor ratings. There is no word yet when her new recording will be released.


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