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TV Network TLC Sued for $40 million For Defamation



Television network channel Vh1 finds themselves in the middle of a $40 million dollar lawsuit. The case was filed for defamation by the former manager of the famous pop band TLC’s, Perri Reid. To the music industry, she was known as Pebbles. The grounds for the case are over allegations that a recent biopic that was played regarding the team portrayed her in a negative manner.

The show that aired on October 13th was titled, Crazy, Sexy and Cool, the Tlc Story. After watching the documentary, Reid was fuming and appalled at the shows portrayal of the groups rise to fame and their split from her. The ex-wife of Antonio Reid, music mogul known as LA, said she was a victim and that this documentary was an unprovoked attack on her. The documentary stated she was manipulative and money hungry, caring more about funds than the wellbeing of her group.

Reid’s legal team contacted Vh1 regarding the false statements that proved to be defamatory. However, the talks seemed to go nowhere and after many tries, they decided to take the matter to a higher authority, the courts. The paperwork was filed on April 25th in an Atlanta, GA court. A closer view of the paperwork and the memorandum in support claims that Reid was portrayed as a dishonest business woman who was not only conniving but hoodwinked the group to manipulate and carry forth her own agenda. Great portions of the documentary seemed to focus on her motive for personal gain and her unscrupulous manor.

The suit further accuses chiefs at the network’s parent company saying that they have ignored the conduct fundamentals of journalism. By publishing false accusations that are borderline malice, they have crossed ethical lines. The parent company, Viacom, has not responded to the legal documents. Also, a company spokesperson refuses to discuss this case. There only comment was that it was not the policy of the company to talk about current litigation.

The TLC group parted ways with Reid back in the mid 1990’s. The group members Tionne Watkins, aka T-Boz, Rozonda Thomas, aka Chili, and the late Lisa Lopes, aka Left Eye. The group filed for bankruptcy in 1995 and Reid was held responsible for the group’s financial woes.


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