Jason Patric Continues Long Child Custody Fight

Jason Patric Continues Long Child Custody Fight

It has been more than 12 months since actor Jason Patric has been allowed to see the son he had with his girlfriend of more than a decade, Danielle Schreiber. But Schreiber has continued to insist that Patric merely served as a sperm donor who agreed to remain not only anonymous but also give up his parental rights. So the two parents, who have long since ended their romantic relationship, have been involved in a bitter ongoing custody battle that Patric vows he will never stop fighting until he gets to see Gus, his son who is now four years old.

Patric reveals that he enjoyed a cordial relationship with Schreiber and had access to his son up until the time he broke up with her in the summer of 2012. As Schreiber began to make it more and more difficult for Patric to enjoy spending time with then 2-year old Gus, he resorted to the court system and filed for legal custody of the boy. The legal proceedings, however, did not turn out in Patric’s favor, with a judge ruling in February of 2013 that Patric merely served as a sperm donor for the child that Schreiber conceived and that he had no legal rights to Gus as his natural father.

Since Patric has little hope of amending the California law regarding sperm donors and parental rights, he has founded an organization called Stand Up for Gus to educate others regarding the issue of parental alienation in cases where a child’s parents are not married and the person who has legal custody refuses the other partner’s ability to see the child. Patric has now filed an appeal of the California judge’s ruling about his lack of parental rights and Schreiber has filed a restraining order against the actor.

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