Zach Braff Splits Taylor Bagley, end five year relationship

Zach Braff and Taylor Bagley end five year relationship
Zach Braff is a free agent once again after he and long-time girlfriend, Taylor Bagley called their relationship quits. Rumor had it that the pair split because she wanted to get married and he was not interested. Those rumors were squashed by an anonymous source who said that the idea of marriage was not the reason for the split.

A representative for Braff said that the couple actually broke up over a month prior to hitting the news. The couple was together for five years. Zach is a former “Scrubs” star who has taken a different path since leaving that show. He is working in a Broadway musical that is helping him fulfill a lifelong dream. The pair split just before the opening of the show on April 10.

The Broadway show is an adaptation of Woody Allen’s “Bullets over Broadway”. Braff has dreamed of working a Broadway musical for a very long time, according to sources. The split with Bagley and the opening of the show were merely coincidence. One had nothing to do with the other.

Bagley shared photos of she and Braff in March to celebrate their five year anniversary of being together. She showed no signs that the relationship would be ending soon. Braff, on the other hand, appeared to be disenchanted in the photo, which could have been a clear indication that all was not well in the relationship.

The pair seemed cozy at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah back in January. A film that Braff had been working on appeared there. It was named “Wish I Were Here”, and it was a Kickstarter project. Braff co-wrote the film, as well as starred in and directed it. He was heavily invested in the project that included a guest star appearance by another “Scrubs” alumni.


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