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Paul Mason Drops 644 Pounds, Now Weighs 336 Lbs (PHOTO)




[caption id="attachment_61664" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Paul Mason Drops 644 Pounds, Hopes Others Will Learn From His Mistakes Paul Mason Drops 644 Pounds, Hopes Others Will Learn From His Mistakes[/caption]

World's Fattest Man Is One-Third the Man He Used to Be, and Proud of It

Paul Mason, 52, weighs in at 336 pounds. That may sound like a lot until you consider that he used to weigh 980 pounds. Once deemed the world's fastest man, Mason lost 644 pounds after undergoing gastric bypass surgery in 2010.

He estimates that he used to eat about 20,000 calories a day, about eight times the recommended amount for an average man. The surgery shrank the size of his stomach to about the size of an egg, leading to rapid weight loss.

The surgery was followed by a strict diet which helped transform the man who used to consume upwards of 20,000 calories per day. His stomach is now the size of an egg, and Mason reportedly has not cheated on his a single time while on his doctor prescribed diet. He also exercises every day.

Mason began overeating after losing his mother. The depression led to thoughts of suicide, but instead he began binge eating. 10 years ago he needed the help of a forklift to get into an ambulance. Nowadays he manages quite well on his relatively svelte frame, eating a single piece of toast for breakfast and a baked potato for lunch.

Mason still has to undergo surgery to remove the large folds of skin left behind from his morbidly obese days. Surgeons will carefully remove the skin which will make it easier for Mason to move around and will cut down his chances of infection.

"I have nothing but admiration for Paul's courage, determination, and steadfast aim to get his body once more back in the shape it should be,” says photographer Paul Nixon, who documented Mason’s remarkable transformation in a series of before-and-after pictures.

“I have watched Paul literally shrink before my eyes,” adds Nixon.

Mason hopes others will learn from his mistakes.

“I do look back and think I should have got to grips with myself earlier,” Mason told the New York Times. “But I think I can use what I’ve gone through as a tool to help other people.”

According to Yahoo Health, Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) has reportedly spent more than $1.5 million on Mason’s medical care but hasn’t authorized the complex skin operation, which would cost about $47,000 if done privately.

This is a list of the heaviest people recorded. The table includes each individual's name, peak weight, their birth date, and years of life. This list is limited to those individuals who weighed over 450 kg (990 lb; 71 st).

Name Country Sex Birth Death Height Peak weight PeakBMI Comments
Jon Brower Minnoch United States M 1941 1983 1.85 m (6.1 ft) 635 kg (1,400 lb; 100.0 st) 186 kg/m² His weight loss of approximately 419 kg (920 lb; 66.0 st) is the largest ever documented.[1]
Manuel Uribe[2] Mexico M 1965 living 1.96 m (6.4 ft) 597 kg (1,320 lb; 94.0 st) 155 kg/m² After worldwide media attention in January 2006, with help from doctors and nutritionists he lost over 225 kg (500 lb; 35.4 st) over a two-year period.
Carol Yager[3] United States F 1960 1994 1.70 m (5.6 ft) Over 545 kg (1,200 lb; 85.8 st) 188 kg/m² Peak weight of 727 kg (1,600 lb; 114.5 st) not confirmed. Documented weight loss of 236 kg (520 lb; 37.2 st) in three months by natural means: a 5,000 kJ (1,200 kcal) per day diet. Weight at death was 545 kg (1,200 lb; 85.8 st).
Walter Hudson United States M 1944 1991 544 kg (1,200 lb; 85.7 st) Had the largest waist ever in circumference at 9'11.
Rosalie Bradford United States F 1943 2006 1.69 m (5.5 ft) 544 kg (1,200 lb; 85.7 st) 190 kg/m² Holds the Guinness World Record for most weight lost by a woman, 415.9 kg (917 lb; 65.49 st).
Michael Hebranko United States M 1953 living Over 500 kg (1,100 lb; 79 st)
Patrick Deuel United States M 1962 living 1.70 m (5.6 ft) 486 kg (1,070 lb; 76.5 st) 168 kg/m²
Robert Earl Hughes United States M 1926 1958 485 kg (1,070 lb; 76.4 st)
Mayra Rosales United States F 1980[4] living 470 kg (1,000 lb; 74 st)[5]
Kenneth Brumley United States M 1968 living 469 kg (1,030 lb; 73.9 st)[6]
Mills Darden United States M 1799 1857 2.3 m (7.5 ft) 463 kg (1,020 lb; 72.9 st) 87.5 kg/m²

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