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man sent bill after father dies waiting for Ambulace: Has to pay $780.85



[caption id="attachment_61875" align="aligncenter" width="632"]Man Sent Bill For Ambulance After Father Dies Man Sent Bill For Ambulance After Father Dies[/caption]DC Man Upset After Receiving Bill For Late Ambulance

Durand Ford Jr. waiting for 30 minutes for an ambulance to arrive to assist his ailing father. 71-year old Durand Ford Sr. was having trouble breathing early on New Year's Day. Unfortunately, his condition worsened and he died before the ambulance arrived.

911 was called at 1:25am from Ford's Washington, DC home. An ambulance was unavailable at the time, and nine minutes later a DC fire truck arrived at the home.

At 1:47am, DC Fire contacted Prince George's County Fire and EMS for assistance. Prince George County dispatched an ambulance at 1:48am, but the ambulance did not arrive until 1:58am.

The firemen were unable to assist Mr. Ford, however.

Durand Ford Jr. has now received a bill for $780.85 from DC Fire and EMS. He said he is angry and upset, and "disturbed that we even received this bill."

"[We're] very angry about what happened and the service we did not receive from the district," Ford, Jr. said.

Yvette Alexander, a DC council member, is working with Ford and DC Fire and EMS to try and get the issue resolved.

"This seems quite unusual, and I will help the family resolve this matter,' she told NBC Washington.

Man sent bill after father dies waiting for ambulance

DC man billed $781 after father dies waiting for ambulance

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