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Dr. Oz Sued After man Burns His Feet (PHOTO)



Dr. Oz Sued After man Burns His Feet

[caption id="attachment_63777" align="aligncenter" width="635"]Dr. Oz Sued After man Burns His Feet Dr. Oz Sued After man Burns His Feet[/caption]Dr. Oz Sleep Tip Inspires Lawsuit

A tip intended to cure insomnia promoted on "The Dr. Oz Show" resulted in a New Jersey man sustaining serious burns on his feet and promoted a lawsuit against the popular surgeon and physician.

On one of his shows last April, Dr. Oz suggested filling a pair of clean socks with uncooked grains of rice and then heating them in the microwave before putting them on each foot.

By leaving them on the feet for a suggested time period of 20 minutes, the body would get drowsy and enjoy a more restful night's sleep according to Oz, whose professional training is in cardiothoracic surgery.

But Frank Dietl contends he got burned feet by using this suggestion and has filed a lawsuit against Oz in Manhattan State Surpreme Court for an undisclosed amount.

Dietl contends that Dr. Oz's suggestion that he create his own "knap-sack heated rice footsie" in order to obtain a better night's sleep caused him to be confined to bedrest for several weeks due to burns on his feet.

“He wound up with third-degree burns on his feet and was confined to his bed for weeks,” Dietl’s attorney, Dominick Gullo, told the Daily News on Monday.

“You do this and lie for about 20 minutes with those socks on in bed. The heat will divert blood to your feet,” Oz explained on the show.

“When your feet get hot, guess what happens to your body? It gets cold. Your body will automatically adjust its core temperature and as it gets cooler, you’re going to be able to sleep better because your body has to be cold in order to get sleepy,” he said.

Dr. Oz did exlain to viers not to get the socks too hot in the microwave.

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Representatives of the "Dr. Oz Show" declined any comment until they could review the particulars of the lawsuit but did indicate that the Doctor warned the audience not to let the sock sacks get too hot for comfort.

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