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Chinese Hospital Wants Virgins Blood For HPV Study



[caption id="attachment_70271" align="aligncenter" width="432"]Chinese hospital seeks virgins blood Chinese hospital seeks virgins blood. Photo by User:JHeuser[/caption]

Hospital Seeks the Blood of a Virgin

Upon hearing of a hospital seeking the blood of a virgin, you may be led to think the request is coming from the local Transylvania Hospital, but you'd be wrong. The request is from the Peking University Cancer Hospital which seeks to collect blood samples from one hundred of what they describe are healthy and safe virgins from the 18-24 age group.

The blood will be used to conduct research into the human papilloma virus (HPV) which is spread through sexual contact most commonly via oral sex. The request is being condemned in internet circles around the world as being misogynist and degrading to women.

One blogger asked why the blood of male virgins isn't good enough to be used in the research. Others have decried the request for spreading what they term is "virginity worship".

Another online user defended the hospital saying:

"People who curse are basically those who haven't understood the whole story. Learn some science and rationality, rather than criticising others."

Hospital spokeswoman Guan Jiuping said that the request is in line with international practices where such blood would serve as "negative control substances" in the HPV research. Mrs. Jiuping added that female virgins are much less likely to have the HPV virus. She added that the virginity status will be established on the "honor system" because they will be taking women at their word.

"It's in line with international practice to collect female virgins' blood samples, which serve as negative control substances in HPV research, given that the risk of contracting HPV is low among women who have never had sex," the China Daily quoted spokeswoman Guan Jiuping as saying.

According to some research, virgin blood is helpful because risk for the virus is low among women who have not had sex, the Metro reported.

According to the hospital, 50 self-proclaimed virgins have donated their blood to science, reported. However, the number of actual virgins may be smaller, because the hospital is taking all the donors at their word.

According to HPINFO.Ca, it is estimated that 75% of Canadians will have at least one HPV infection in their lifetime. The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada estimates that 10% to 30% of the Canadian adult population is infected with HPV. This is in line with research from the US and Europe which has shown that 10% to 40% of sexually active women are infected by HPV at any one time.

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