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BBC Channel 4’s Drug Show to Have Volunteers Smoke Cannabis



marijuana_2719454bMarijuana is a class B drug in the United Kingdom and will still get a person arrested for possession of the drug. Notwithstanding, Channel 4 will air a show entitled "Drug Live: Marijuana" which will have willing volunteers smoke either a placebo, cannabis resin (mild), or skunk marijuana (strong marijuana) in a controlled laboratory. Leading experts Professor Val Curran and Professor David Nutt will carry out the trial.

During the drug trial, the volunteer patients will have their brain patterns monitored so that viewers can see firsthand the effects the drugs have on their brains. It is estimated that in 2012, as many as two million people smoked marijuana at least once during the year. Given the UK's population of 63 million, that would mean roughly one in every thirtytwo persons tried the drug that year.

Professor Curran said: "This is a hugely exciting and important research project which will show how skunk and resin produce different effects on the human brain, mind and behaviour.

"My hope is that this new programme will scientifically inform those who use, have used or are thinking of using this drug about the effects of different types of cannabis."

As much as 50% of the nation's young people in the age group of 16 to 29 are believed to have tried the drug. The clinical trial will be conducted by
Professors David Nutt & Val Curran who are leading experts in the field of how drugs impact the human brain. Among those hoping to deter people from smoking the drug is the British Lung Foundation which states that 30% of marijuana users erroneously believe the drug to be harmless when it is actually 20x more carcinogenic than tobacco.

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