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Man Dies Drinking $54000 Of Liquid Meth: “I Am dying. I Am Dead”



Romano Dias Dies Drinking Liquid Meth: "I am in trouble here. I am dying. I am dead."

[caption id="attachment_73352" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Romano Dias Dies Drinking Liquid Meth: "I am in trouble here. I am dying. I am dead." Illicitly synthesized crystal methamphetamine[/caption]

Romano Dias dies drinking liquid meth $54k Worth of Liquid Meth Kills Man

A fifty-five year old British man named Romano Dias is dead after drinking approximately $54,000 worth of pure liquid meth. He apparently believed the meth to be some sort of fruit juice. His daughter, Katee, is who handed him the deadly beverage.

Despite the awful taste and the fact that it made his throat burn Dias, of Lone Tree Avenue in Impington, consumed half of the glass before realizing something was terrible wrong. A moment later he died and his last words were, "I am in trouble here. I am dying. I am dead."

The mysterious bottle of meth was sent to Dias' daughter three years before, reports the New York Daily news.

The package did not have her name on it, but it had the correct address and she kept it. She thought it was some sort of health drink and that it would eventually be claimed by its rightful owner. It was never claimed.

The police believe that drug dealers sent it to her London home and planned to intercept it before she got it, but they clearly failed to do so. The Cambridge News reports that crystal meth is a rare drug in the area. It is even more rare for someone to die from drinking meth.

Dias's death was ultimately ruled an accident.

According to the Huff Post:

Meth is typically found in solid form, but traffickers are apparently developing new ways to transport the drug. When distributors receive the liquid substance, they convert it into crystal meth, the Denver Post noted. Rob Saccone, a supervisor with the Drug Enforcement Administration, told the paper that eight pounds of the liquid yields about four pounds of the crystal form.

The most common ingredients found in meth include acetone, lithium, hydrochloric acid and anhydrous ammonia, according to the Meth Project Foundation.

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Romano Dias dies drinking liquid meth


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