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Are Women Faking It In Bed? New Study Says They Are



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Women Less Likely To Climax During Casual Sex


According to a new study which has been highlighted by Time Magazine, women are reportedly less likely to reach orgasm during the course of "casual" sex.

It appears that women are much more likely to reach a state of orgasmic release while enjoying intercourse with a partner whom they are involved in an ongoing serious relationship with.

Meanwhile, a casual hookup is said to leave women, on average, less than satisfied with the results. This comes as somewhat of a surprise, since women are nearly as likely to prefer to engage in such casual encounters as men are.

These findings were published and made available to the public, courtesy of the International Academy of Sex Research, during the course of the institute's annual meeting.

The results of this newly published study seem to indicate that, out of 600 students who were profiled in order to make up the study, female subjects were half as likely to reach orgasm from either oral sex or regular intercourse while engaged in a casual hookup then when they were enjoying sexual relationships during a serious and steady relationship.

These findings coincide with earlier research which was conducted by sociologist and media spokesperson Paula England, whose study showed that a mere 40 percent of the 24,000 college aged females that participated in the study over the course of 5 years were able to reach orgasm during a casual hookup. Meanwhile, 80 percent of the men interviewed for this study had absolutely no problem in doing so.

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