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Study shows A Glass Of Wine A Week During Pregnancy ok



Researchers the from Aarhus University in Denmark have published the results of their 1,600 person study on the effects of drinking wine regularly (up to one glass a day) during pregnancy. The study was designed to test infants from mothers who abstained from alcoholic drinks and those whose mothers binge drank before discovering they were pregnant or drank one glass of wine daily.

"My study shows, among other things, that the children of mothers who drank small quantities of alcohol - 90 units or more - during their pregnancies show significantly better emotional and behavioral outcomes at age seven compared to children of mothers who did not drink at all," said the Lead researcher Janni Niclasen of the University of Copenhagen.

The results are in and they show that a child's mental capacity is not diminished whether they are from non-prenatal drinking mothers or those who drank wine in moderation. The findings run counter to established norms that frowned upon the practice as being harmful to the child's brain power.

Researches cautioned that the line being drawn is very clear. In cases where mothers drank hard liquor or were alcoholic, their children have been adversely affected with side effects such as poor attention spans, diminished reasoning skills, and lower intelligence.

“We know that alcohol can interfere with the development of unborn babies so it seems safest to abstain from alcohol when pregnant. NCT supports the government recommendations that women limit their consumption of alcohol during pregnancy.”

The research for this study involved 100,000 pregnant Danish women who were interviewed at four separate occasions about their alcohol consumption.
The women were interviewed twice in pregnancy, once when children were six months old and again when children turned seven.

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