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Shivering Can Help You Shed Pounds



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There are many ways to burn fat out there, but did you know shivering is one of them? It's true, so turn down that thermostat or get outside to enjoy some chilly temps. Researchers at Maastricht University Medical Center have found that frequent exposure to mild cold temperatures can give the body's energy expenditure a boost, according to WebMD. This is just the latest study showing that humans can experience a decrease in body fat by shivering. A Japanese study found that people could lose weight by spending two hours a day for six weeks within an environment set at 63 degrees Fahrenheit.

So why do chilly temperatures make us shiver in the first place? Shivering is basically a biological response to cold whose purpose is to protect us from hypothermia. The Dutch researchers point out that increased exposure to higher temps within an office building all day long, for example -- while keeps people comfortable -- can contribute to obesity. By reducing temperature to 59 degrees over 10 days, the study participants burned more calories in order to stay comfortable. And in many instances, study participants did acclimate to the drop in temperature, essentially getting used to the cold fairly quickly.

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