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Obese kids removed from UK families: 78 Kids Taken From Parents For Being Too Fat



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[caption id="attachment_80623" align="alignright" width="592"]Obese kids removed from UK families: 78  Kids Taken From Parents For Being Too Fat Obese kids removed from UK families: 78 Kids Taken From Parents For Being Too Fat[/caption]Obese kids removed from UK families

More than 78 kids under the age of 11 have been taken from their homes because of being overweight. They weighed more than 100 kilograms, eight weighing more than 127 kilograms and the heaviest boy weighing 147 kilograms while the heaviest girl weighing 140 kilograms, reports the Daily Mirror.

Using Freedom of Information laws, the newspaper approached the 206 local authorities in Britain with responsibility for child protection.

Of the 128 councils that provided usable responses it was found that between 26 and 46 morbidly obese children were taken by social services; when taking the potential figure from the remaining councils, the figure could be as many as 74, the Mirror said.

These children from England, Scotland and Wales were taken away from their homes by the social services department. They claimed that their weight could bring about major health concerns if they were not taken into care. The kids are at risk of developing diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart problems.

According to reports from the Health and Social Care Information Centre, there was a 12-percent rise in cases of those under 16 years of age getting admitted to a hospital due to obesity last year. However, the admissions in England were lower for the other age groups except for those under 16 years and over 65 years.

The Daily Mirror visited 206 local councils responsible for child protection. It was found that between 26 and 46 children were taken from their homes for care because of being morbidly obese.

London had the highest number with 21, followed by the midlands, which had 16 overweight children.

What’s your take on this issue? Should parents of severely obese children lose custody? Or is there another solution?

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