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Doctors Appear to Have Cured a Second Baby of HIV Infection



Los Angeles, California - While the baby is still only one month old, it appears possible that the doctors have been able to cure her of the HIV virus following a model set three years ago with a Mississippi child which was determined to have the HIV virus at birth. The method calls for early and aggressive treatment. The Mississippi child has been completely cured and has no trace of the virus after two years of not taking any HIV medications.

In the case of the newborn baby in Los Angeles, tests indicate that she is also free of the HIV virus. However, in her case she continues to take HIV medications. The tests being done are led by a physician from Johns Hopkins University by the name of Dr. Deborah Persaud. A lot of care is being taken to document the process as physicians realize they may be sitting on a potential cure for infant HIV infection.

Doctors are cautious about making grand pronouncements of being "cured". However, the baby girl's symptoms do not match those of people in whom the HIV virus has gone into remission; they match those of people who do not have the virus.



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