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Can Drinking Tequila Really Help You Lose Weight?



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[caption id="attachment_80978" align="aligncenter" width="331"]Can Drinking Tequila Really Help You Lose Weight? Can Drinking Tequila Really Help You Lose Weight?
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Could knocking back a cool shot or two of tequila every day really help you lose weight? This is a question that lovers of the popular Mexican spirit are asking themselves after reading an article which was recently published by Time.

Is there anything to this allegation? A type of sugar, called agavins, has been discovered within tequila (or, more particularly, the agave plant from which tequila is made) which does seem to offer some fascinating new potential health benefits. These benefits, if proven, could be an especially timely and welcome benefit for people who are currently suffering from such sugar related maladies as general obesity and diabetes.

It turns out that this type of sugar, agavins, which the agave planet produces, is not digestible by the human system. Therefore, agavins do not contribute to raising the level of blood sugar in the body. This discovery may potentially mean that switching to an agavin based supply of sugar could revolutionize treatment for people who suffer from congenital obesity and diabetes.

In a new research study, the results of which have just been published, scientists fed laboratory mice a standard diet for such animals. They then added agavins to their water supply. After some preliminary testing, the scientists discovered that the test animals who consumed significant amounts of the agavins in their water had less of an appetite, and were thus less likely to be prone to obesity. These same mice also exhibited lower levels of glucose in their blood.

While none of this conclusively proves that drinking a shot or two of tequila every day can really help keep obesity and diabetes away, it certainly raises hope for a scientific breakthrough of this kind in the very near future. In the meantime, since there's no harm in it, why not enjoy a shot?

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