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$217 Million Jackpot Winners Will Quit Work, But New Car



$217 Million Jackpot Winners: Both Plan On Retiring

[caption id="attachment_62158" align="alignright" width="300"]$217 Million Jackpot Winners: Both Plan On Retiring $217 Million Jackpot Winners: Both Plan On Retiring (Image credit: Courtesy of Virginia Lottery)
[/caption]Virginia's $217 Million Jackpot Winners

The lucky couple from Virginia,, Dave and Nancy Honeywell, has won the states second largest lotto prize ever awarded. Their lottery winnings come in at a whopping $217 million which was the Power ball jackpot offered in their state.

Dave, a computer scientist and wife Nancy who also works for the Department of Defense purchased his winning ticket at a Richmond International Airport’s Lottery Express station.

The numbers that turned the Honeywells into millionaires are 5-27-36-38-41. These very lucky numbers where chosen randomly by the Lottery Express stations Easy Pick computer feature.

Dave Honeywell plans to continue working for six weeks and is then leaving his job to enjoy his life as a millionaire.

On February 14, 2013 they received a large payout of $136.4 million. Before receiving this hefty one time payout they attended a press conference where they discussed their amazing win. The couple is no longer speaking to the media.

List of U.S. jackpots of at least $300 million

$640 million Mega Millions, won 30 March 2012, split by three tickets: Kansas, Illinois, and Maryland. Cash payout $474 million. Largest cash and annuity amounts in American lottery history.
$587.5 million Powerball, won 28 November 2012, split by 2 tickets: Arizona and Missouri: Cash payout $384.7 million; both amounts second-largest in American lottery history.
$390 million Mega Millions, won 6 March 2007, split by 2 tickets: Georgia and New Jersey. Cash payout $233.1 million, fourth largest cash payout in American lottery history.
$380 million Mega Millions, won 4 January 2011, split by 2 tickets: Holly Lahti of Rathdrum, Idaho; and Jim and Carolyn McCullar of Ephrata, Washington. Cash payout $240 million, third largest cash payout in American lottery history.
$365 million Powerball, 18 February 2006 in Nebraska; $177 million cash. Largest annuity value prize on one ticket.
$363 million The Big Game (precursor of Mega Millions), won 9 May 2000, split by 2 tickets: Illinois and Michigan.
$340 million Powerball, 19 October 2005 in Oregon.[2] Cash payout, $164.4 million, was split by two families[3]
$337 million Powerball, 15 August 2012 in Michigan. Cash payout $223.7 million. American record for cash value on one ticket.
$336.4 million Powerball, 11 February 2012 in Rhode Island. Cash: $210 million.
$333 million Mega Millions, 28 August 2009, split by two tickets: California and New York.
$331 million The Big Game, won (16 April 2002) split by 3 tickets: Georgia, Illinois, and New Jersey.
$330 million Mega Millions won 31 August 2007, split by 4 tickets: New Jersey, Maryland, Texas, and Virginia.
$319 million Mega Millions won 25 March 2011 by 1 ticket and 7 people in Albany, New York
$315 million Mega Millions won 15 November 2005 by 1 ticket: Anaheim, California. Cash payout, $175 million, was chosen by a group called "The Lucky 7".[4]
$314.9 million Powerball, won 25 December 2002 by Jack Whittaker of West Virginia, who chose the cash payout of $170,505,876.[5]
$314.3 million Powerball won 25 August 2007, in Indiana. Cash payout: $146,985,099.

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Defense Worker Wins $217 Million Lottery

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