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pink diamond sold for world Record setting price



The biggest flawless pink diamond in the world, known as the "Pink Star", broke records when it was sold at auction this month in Switzerland for $83.2 million. The amazing 59.60 carat oval-shaped gemstone, mounted in a ring setting, was obtained by an anonymous buyer who bid on the one of a kind treasure through a representative who refused to identify either who he was or the buyer he represented. Sale of the Pink Star was the highlight of the semi-annual jewelry auction scheduled in Geneva by renowned auction house Sotheby's, which confirmed that the price paid set a world record.

"This was a really historic sale. We broke a number of records," said Sotheby's auctioneer David Bennett.

"The pink diamond, I have no hesitation in saying, is a truly amazing royal stone, fit for any royal collection, fit for any museum collection.

"There is no stone of that size and colour known, no other stone."

Noting that the diamond's pre-sale estimate was $61 million, Bennett said: "It surpassed our estimate. It's a large amount of money in itself, but I don't think this stone has a price."

The pre-sale value of the pink diamond was estimated to be $61 million, although auction officials indicate that because of its size, color and rarity, this is a gemstone that could easily be considered priceless. The Pink Star's selling price has surpassed another pink diamond that sold three years ago called the "Graff Pink" and named after the London jeweler who purchased it for $45.75 million. The Graff Pink, however, is less than half the size of the Pink Star at only 24.78 carats. DeBeers of Africa mined the original 132.5 carat stone from which the Pink Star was carved.

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'Pink Star' Diamond Sells For World Record $83 Million At Auction

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