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True-life ghost stories: The Bell Witch Haunting



The Bell witch haunting is probably one of the best known hauntings in American history. It was the inspiration for the block buster hit, "The Blair Witch Project" and other movies based on it were done in 2004 and 2013.

According, the story began in Robertson County, Tennessee, Where John Bell, his wife Lucy, and six children had moved from North Carolina. First John Bell was confronted by a creature he described as "dog like" which fled when he shot at it.
Bells children then began seeing strange creatures around the farm, and hearing strange noises. The noises, doors knocking, chains dropping, and objects falling were heard with more frequency.

Then the spirit manifested itself. It was invisible but would converse and move things. Its behavior varied from simple pranks like spilling milk and taking sugar from bowls, to slapping and pinching the children and the family slaves.

The spirit apparently became enraged at the engagement of the youngest daughter Betsy and began abusing and attacking her, leading her to break her engagement. The major victim, however was John Bell himself, who she attacked and supposedly poisoned, causing his death in 1820. The case is clearly one of the most bizarre in the history of the paranormal.

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