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Alexandra Robertson wins longest legs contest



British blond haired blue-eyed beauty Alexandra Robertson pulled an upset against Russia in the Longest Legs contest. Russia teen Anastasia Strashevskaya believed she had the win all wrapped up with her 42 inch legs. However, she proved no match against Robertson who at 6'1" tall has legs that measure 47" or just shy of 4 feet long legs.

Ms. Robertson, age 20, is currently working towards her bachelor's degree in musical theatre while nurturing a career as a model. Thus far, she has modeled lingerie and bridal gowns. As many other tall women have mentioned, Robertson says her height is intimidating to men. Often times men inquire if she is a basketball player to which she retorts if they are miniature golf players. Finding clothing for a tall woman is an ongoing struggle for her.

She said: “I’m 6ft 4ins in my high heels and have an inside leg measurement of 37 inches and a full leg length of 47 inches so a Miss Longest Legs competition would make perfect sense!”

“I get lots of people staring in the street and if I am dressed up in heels for a night out in Blackpool there will be plenty of comments, but it doesn’t bother me.

Her agent, who runs the agency Angels Elite, says that Robertson has a delightful personality, but she wouldn't exactly torch her client's opportunities for new employment if she wasn't personable as that would not be good for business. Ms. Anastasia Strashevskaya, age 18, won the Russian title for having the longest legs in against field of 52 other women. The prize was a modest £1,600.

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