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jimmy fallon And jay leno Duet: Who’s Hosting “Tonight” (VIDEO)



[caption id="attachment_64413" align="aligncenter" width="400"]jimmy fallon And jay leno Duet jimmy fallon And jay leno Duet[/caption]Leno and Fallon Address Rumors with Duet

There have been a lot of whispers at the respective studios of late night talk show hosts Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon. Never since the late night wars of Letterman versus Leno or the renewed drama of Leno versus O’Brien have there been so many rumors about who is hosting what show and what host is getting the shaft.

The centerpiece of the new controversy once again is Jay Leno. He is the host of “The Tonight Show” which is the most well-known and widely watched entertainment program in late night television history.

In recent months rumors started flying that the NBC bosses were looking to, once again, end Leno’s reign as the host of the show and promote long time NBC employee Jimmy Fallon into Leno’s role as “The Tonight Show Host”. The reasoning behind such a transition would be that Fallon could better compete for the younger audience against new time slot foe, Jimmy Kimmel, on CBS.

With both Fallon and Leno able to harness a very particular whit, it has been easy for them both to address the topic without really addressing it by making sly comments and one liners during their respective monologues.

NBC got involved this week when they had Fallon and Leno team up for a music video parody. The two comedians sang “Tonight” from the musical “West Side Story” with brand new lyrics centering on the late night rumors.

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