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Bank Of Canada Unveils New Plastic $5 And $10 Bill



[caption id="attachment_65480" align="aligncenter" width="614"]Astronaut Chris Hadfield poses for a photo with a new polymer $5 bank note aboard the International Space Station. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press ) Astronaut Chris Hadfield poses for a photo with a new polymer $5 bank note aboard the International Space Station. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press )[/caption]

New Canadian Polymer Currency Unveiled

On Tuesday, the Bank of Canada unveiled the $5 and $10 plastic banknotes set to replace the paper notes currently in use.

It has already released into circulation $100, $50 and $20 plastic notes.

Known as the “Polymer” series, the notes incorporate cutting-edge security technology, including transparent sections and special holography, designed to combat counterfeiting.

Each note in the series depicts frontiers explored by humans on Earth and beyond.

As a result, the current Expedition 35 commander of the International Space Station, Canadian Space Agency astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield, helped unveil the notes via satellite transmission more than 217 miles above the planet in space. Specifically, Col. Hadfield unveiled the $5 note that features robotic tools used in the building and maintenance of the station.

“Canadians can be very proud of their new polymer bank notes,” said Minister Flaherty. “With today’s unveiling of the final two notes in the series, one can see not only the unique story that each of the five denominations tells, but the unifying theme that underlies them all - the profound courage, determination, and ingenuity of our nation and its people.”

The imagery on the $10 note displays a train known as “The Canadian,” as a reminder of the great, prosperous history of railway travel in Canada that helped create economic opportunities by linking Canada’s eastern and western regions.

Some users of the previously released notes have expressed concern because the plastic can melt under certain conditions rendering the money useless.

Circulation of the new notes begins in November 2013.

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