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kim k, kevin systrom Pose For Instragram Shot (PHOTO)



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Kim Kardashian Dogs Sister's Birthday and Pops Up with Instagram Founder

The life of a socialite often requires a person to maintain the spotlight on themselves. At least that is true in the world of Kim Kardashian who is arguably the world's most successful socialite.

Kardashian turned her combination of beauty and thirst for attention into a business enterprise.

This weekend was the birthday celebration of her younger sister Kylie who just turned sixteen. However, it appears that rather than be with other family members celebrating the "sweet sixteen" of her sister, Kardashian was elsewhere. She "popped up" in a candid photograph with Instagram founder Kevin Systrom.

The picture isn't well lit but their faces are seen clearly enough. Both Systrom and Kardashian are all smiles. Not featured in the photograph was her baby, but perhaps she left someone else to tend to the infant while she enjoyed some additional "me" time.

Kardashian added a caption to the photograph stating that she was relaxing with the social networking giant or "chilling" as she referred to it.

"Chilling with the creator of Instagram @kevin," she wrote. The new friends smiled big for the camera as the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star popped up in the corner of the photograph.

Apparently, the photograph was taken during a dinner she was having with her husband, the iconic rapper Kanye West. They had good reason to celebrate.

West, as it turns out, got involved in a din with the paparazzi but will not be facing assault charges.

Meanwhile, Kim's first appearance, after her delivery, was on her mom Kris's show by way of a Skype video message. Recently, she posted a three second Keek video where she sticks her tongue out.

In the video, Kim looks like she is in sleepwear, but her hair is fully coiffed, and she has several layers of flawless makeup on. She sticks her tongue out, then proceeds to smile at the camera. To date, her baby, North West, has not been seen by anyone except for close family and friends. Given Kanye's dislike for the media, it may be a while before any of the public gets to see her baby.

Kim's life has been in the public purview since 2007. He trials and errors, in the dating and marriage scene, have caused an increase in her fans and haters alike. Her show is set to end in 2016, which may or may not be the case, since her and her family seem to love the spotlight.

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