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Samsung To Unleash Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Sept 29th (PHOTO)



[caption id="attachment_69613" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Samsung To Unleash Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Sept 29th Samsung To Unleash Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Sept 29th[/caption]

Samsung Unveils First Smartwatch

You cannot turn a corner on city streets without seeing someone checking something on their smartphone, however, soon you may see them staring at their wrists instead of their hands as Samsung unveiled its brand new Galaxy Gear smartwatch today.

The smartwatch has been anticipated highly since the announcement that it was in the works, and there is plenty of techies likely running out to pick up the $299. Qaulcomm and Sony have also released models of the smartwatch but Apple is yet to enter the foray although most expect the company to announce some similar invention soon.

The Galaxy Gear is about the size of a standard male’s wristwatch and sits easily on a wrist allowing users to make phone calls by lifting their arm to their ear. In addition, the watch allows users to take photos by angling their wrist and also to function via voice control. It also sports a built-in Twitter app and over seventy other apps with the list expected to grow as developers sniff out the smartwatch field for optimization.

The company touts the device as a companion to its Galaxy smartphones.

It has a 1.63 inch screen and enables hands-free calls, instant messaging and Internet access, along with a 1.9 megapixel camera built into the wrist strap.

"We have opened a new chapter, a new direction to an exciting world of possibilities," said Samsung co-CEO JK Shin.

According to the Huff Post, Galaxy Gear uses S-Voice, Samsung's version of Google Now and Siri, for voice commands, like making phone calls and checking the weather. Samsung said the watch will come with over 60 apps.

"We wanted to make a wearable of tomorrow that is designed for everyone," said Pranav Mistry, Samsung America's director of research. "I can proudly say Galaxy Gear is tomorrow's state of the art."

Venture beat writer Christina Farr tested the device last week.

"The first thing that I noticed was, I couldn't get it on to my wrist, because it was just a little bit too clunky. As you can see, I have pretty small wrists," Farr said.

It is powered by the Android operating system and does require a battery charge at least once per day if moderately used. The Gear will ship on September 25th and preorders are available now.

Samsung's betting that with a $299 price tag its variation of smartwatch will become the here and now's newest must-have device.

Time Magazine Editor Harry McCracken says Samsung has to sell the concept to consumer in order for the "Galaxy Gear" to succeed.

"Sony is just releasing its second generation one, but none of them has been the device where tens of millions of consumers say 'A-ha, I understand why I want this," McCracken said.

The Galaxy Note III and Gear smartwatch will go on sale on Sept. 25 in 140 countries. Prices for the Note III have not been confirmed, but the Galaxy Gear will cost $299.

Will you be rushing out to get the Galaxy Gear Smartwatch?
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Samsung Unveils Galaxy Gear Smartwatch2

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Gear Smartwatch 3

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