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Black Friday 2013: Ads And Flyers Roundup



Canadians Can Now Enjoy Black Friday Deals

Canadians interested in enjoying Black Friday deals had to cross the border to the U.S. Data from Statistics Canada shows that 4.2 million people crossed the border in 2011. However, this no longer has to be the case as many local retailers have seen the opportunity and are cashing on it.

Black Friday, which comes a day after the Thanksgiving holiday in America, attracts many Canadian shoppers. The day is called Black Friday because it’s when retailers see profits or black ink on their balance sheets. It marks the start of the Christmas season, albeit unofficially.

Although Thanksgiving will have long past in Canada by then, Black Friday lures many Canadian shoppers.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Black Friday deals now head north as many Canadian retailers host their own sales. Other retail outlets are considering opening their doors relatively early to ensure competitive shoppers stay at home, including Toronto’s Eaton Center mall and Toys R Us chain.

Still, if your determined to cross the boarder for some Black Friday shopping, there will be plent of deals to be had:

Check out some the American retailers Black Friday ad scans below:

This page will be updated daily to add new flyers

Here are the Black Friday 2013 Ads and flyers released so far (These are for American stores).

  • Toys R Us 28-page 2013 Black Friday ad
  • Rite Aid's eight-page 2013 Black Friday ad
  • Home Depot sneak peek at 2013 Black Friday deals
  • Radio Shack's eight-page 2013 Black Friday ad
  • Macy's 2013 Black Friday deals
  • Belk's gigantic 72-page 2013 Black Friday ad
  • Fred's four-page 2013 Black Friday ad
  • Ace Hardware's seven-page 2013 Black Friday ad
  • H.H. Gregg's big 2013 Black Friday ad
  • Harbor Freight's four-page 2013 Black Friday ad


Black Friday 2013 Store Hours

So far, the latest store hours that shoppers can refer to were released by the Chicago Tribune and stated as follows:

Sears (open for 26 hours)

 -8pm of Nov. 28 to 10pm of Nov. 29

 Macy's (open for 25 hours)

 -8pm of Nov. 28 to 9pm of Nov. 29

 Kohl's (open for 28 hours)

 -8pm of Nov. 28 to 10pm of Nov. 29

 Kmart (open for 41 hours)

 -6am of Nov. 28 to 11pm of Nov. 29

 J.C. Penney (open for 25 hours)

 -8pm of Nov. 28 to 9pm of Nov. 29

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