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Halifax Teen Faces Extortion Charges Over FB Threats




[caption id="attachment_65695" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Halifax Teen Faces Extortion Charges Over FB Threats Halifax Teen Faces Extortion Charges Over FB Threats[/caption]

According to CBC News, a 17 year old teenage male in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is being formally charged with extortion. According to sources, this teenager, whose identity has yet to be revealed, faces charges after allegedly using multiple fictitious accounts on Facebook to try and force a 16 year old girl to send naked pictures to these accounts.

This unnamed teenager apparently threatened to post compromising pictures of the girl which were unlawfully in his possession if the teenage female refused his demands. When, despite these threats, the girl did refuse, the male responded by sending these private photos to others on Facebook. So far none of the alleged recipients of these photos have been named or charged with connection in this case.

After the police were contacted by the girl and her family in November of last year, they obtained a warrant to search a home in Halifax, where they seized computer equipment. As a result of the investigation and subsequent arrest, the unnamed male teenager faces charges of extortion, possession of child pornography, distributing child pornography, and general mischief. Neither the names of the defendant nor the alleged victim in this case have yet been revealed to the public.

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