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Rihanna Wins First Ever AMA Icon Award



Rihanna Wins First Ever AMA Icon Award

[caption id="attachment_71755" align="aligncenter" width="618"]Rihanna Wins First Ever AMA Icon Award Rihanna Wins First Ever AMA Icon Award[/caption]Rihanna Wins First Ever AMA Icon Award

The American Music Awards (AMA) was first launched back in 1973 for the express purpose of allowing the ABC network to keep its ratings following their loss of the broadcasting rights for the Grammy Awards. The award program is the brain child of the late Dick Clark. Since that time, it has become a pulse for American popular music because it is the fans and music buyers who vote for the winners.

Against that backdrop, it should come as no surprise that when the AMA created a new award called the "Icon" for those singers who exhibit a global level of influence on pop music, the winner would be Rihanna. For starters, she has an impressive social media following which would translate to the votes needed to secure the award and she is the bestselling digital artist in music history. To commemorate her achievement, the AMA had a taped broadcast of Jay-Z to extol her talent and success. Rihanna's award was present to her by none other than her mother Monica Braithwaite.

After receiving the award, Rihanna performed her smash hit "Diamonds" from her CD "Unapologetic" which has sold over 3.2 million units worldwide. Bill Maher was the host of the show.

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Rihanna Wins First-Ever 'Icon Award' at American Music Awards

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