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James Franco Selfie Has the Ladies Blushing



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[caption id="attachment_75308" align="aligncenter" width="634"]james franco james franco selfie[/caption]James Franco Reveals Toned Muscles in Near-Naked Selfie

Fans who have been asking to see much more of actor James Franco's body got their wish last Friday when the "This is the End" star obliged via Instagram.

The 35-year old Franco posted a selfie he snapped in his bathroom, showcasing his almost totally naked body, with a white towel strategically wrapped low around his hips. Franco accompanied the beefcake shot with a caption that read "You asked for it, you got it."

The photograph also shows a minimum of chest hair, very well defined muscle tone, and the actor's right hand raised in the air with a "rock on" hand gesture. His facial expression is quite serious, as he also posted a comment that he is "tryna work that body."

The last time Franco's fans were able to capture a glimpse of this much of Franco's skin was during the 2009 film "Milk".

Franco, starring opposite Sean Penn as San Francisco's first openly gay supervisor, Harvey Milk, shed all of clothing to film a scene in which the two were seen skinny dipping. Many fans who posted comments about the near-nude Franco selfie, however, expressed disappointment that the actor didn't reveal more than they might see of him on the beach.

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'You asked for it, you got it!' James Franco shares 'almost nude' selfie on Instagram much to the delight of fans

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