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Kate Middleton’s phone was hacked



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[caption id="attachment_64283" align="aligncenter" width="307"]Duchess Kate Baby Shower: Will Middleton Break Tradition? Kate Middleton's phone was hacked[/caption]Kate Middy's Phone Hacked

Kate Middleton's phone was hacked before she married Prince William. This isolated incident is part of the infamous News of the World case involving Rupert Murdoch. A voice mail from the prince quoted him calling her "baby." Prince William also told her of his dangerous nighttime missions as an RAF helicopter pilot.

Murdoch's paper was brought under investigation after it was discovered that he was tapping phones and emails of high profile people for stories. The Duchess of Cambridge is most likely going to be the future Queen of England. This makes the case even more intriguing as the royals are a highly guarded group.

The phone hacking also revealed a male voice impersonating a woman complimenting Prince Harry. This is thought to be a joking Harry himself pretending to be his former girlfriend, Chelsea Davy. These messages were revealed during the court proceedings for Murdoch. However, this is just a small sampling of what was said from the royals. Previous messages include Prince Charles expressing a desire to be a tampon.

The insight into the future monarch's lives is interesting even if it is a violation of privacy. The stories might have sold, but Murdoch is now paying a high price.

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